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Center for Cedar Glade Studies

What is Center for Cedar Glade Studies?


  1. Create a clearinghouse to provide information to citizens, governmental agencies, news outlets, educators, and researchers. 
  2. Provide resources through the use of technology to communicate concepts concerning glades.
  3. Offer opportunities for scholarly studies as part of a research program on the ecology of glades.
  4. Prepare K-12 and college students with an understanding of the methods of science through basic and applied research.
  5. Through professional development, increase in-service educator awareness and knowledge, and provide skills necessary to educate K-12 students. Foster greater appreciation and knowledge of our natural environment enabling citizens of all ages to make informed decisions with regard to ecosystems and the plants and animals that depend on them.

Science Advisory Board

Sally Palmer, Tennessee Nature Conservancy
Vince Cobb, MTSU Department of Biology
Pandy English, Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency,Retired
John Froeschauer, Tennessee State Parks, Retired
Roger McMcoy, Tennessee Division of Environment & Conservation
Milo Pyne, NatureServe, Ecologist, Retired
Kim Sadler, MTSU Center for Cedar Glade Studies
Cindi Smith-Walters, MTSU Center for Environmental Education, Retired
Jeff Walck, MTSU Center for Cedar Glade Studies
William J. Wolfe, US Geologic Survey

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Middle Tennessee State University
Center for Cedar Glade Studies
Department of Biology 
PO Box 60
Murfreesboro, TN 37132
615.904.8283 (phone for Kim Cleary Sadler)